Our Culture

We are an eclectic group of people who come from very different backgrounds: banking, underwriting, technology, startups, large organizations, freshers, grizzled veterans with 20+ years of experience. We cherish our individuality and deep domain expertise, learn from one another, and collaborate effectively across teams to solve problems for our customers. We keep things informal internally and professional externally. We are brought together by a common value system:

  • Integrity: Consistency in thought, word, and action, which earns trust with one another, our customers, and the ecosystem.
  • Innovation: We solve hard problems nobody else either thought possible or bothered to solve. We focus on problems that are durable over time and deliver measurable customer value – not just shiny new objects or buzzwords
  • Passion: We love being challenged and meeting seemingly unreal customer- or technical- requirements
  • Quality: Customers don’t care about the constraints we face in data quality or other areas. They pay us for a flawless, scalable and secure platform that they can entrust mission critical applications to.
  • Risk taking: We aren’t afraid of experiments. We learn both from our failures and successes

Our business

We are a ten-year-old product technology platform that helps financial institutions deal with vast amounts of (un-)structured data to automate customer onboarding, decisioning, risk pricing, and fulfilment. We extract, categorize and analyze over 2000+ types of (un)structured financial data from 400+ financial institutions to help lenders automate data-driven risk- and pricing decisions. We serve over 200 lenders in India, including all the top 10 banks, and most NBFCs and Fintechs. We also serve 15+ customers in 6 countries in ASEAN. We have an in-principle approval to offer Account Aggregation services, and are excited about how this can turbo-charge a business already doubling revenues annually. Perfios is cash- and EBIDTA positive since 2018, and has solid support from marquee investors such as Bessemer Venture Partners and Warburg Pincus.

Our Products

Account Aggregation (AA): A framework to operationalize the RBI/ReBIT approved NBFC-AA specification. This framework and associated offerings also ensure compliance to the upcoming Personal Data Protection bill..

Our technology platform

Deep technology strength is our key differentiator. We started our journey as the first to offer cloud-hosted fully automated Personal Finance Management solutions. Subsequently we built the Perfios data platform, whose breadth and depth are unrivalled in the industry. Perfios Data Platform offers data extraction, cleansing, aggregation, and annotation from a wide range of data sources using a combination of home-grown and machine learning techniques. Perfios offers in-depth data analysis and customized reports to automate financial decisions, handling millions of transactions per month with no degradation of performance. Working with our engineers and observing their thinking style and problem-solving approaches is an enriching experience not easily available in most companies.

Current Openings

Head of Product – Perfios AA

Role and Responsibilities

Responsibilities: Product ownership of the AA app and web interfaces
  • Work with leaders to align product roadmap with overall vision for the business
  • Work with CISO, Engg teams to ensure privacy by design; raise the bar for the AA industry for security and privacy
  • Also responsible for product marketing and customization (e.g. co-branding) for relevant channels
  • Work with Marketing to drive aggressive user acquisition, preference, and usage
  • Work with Engg teams to ensure a rapid, data-driven, iterative approach to product development
  • Ensure that product is future-ready – e.g. when new industry segments open up
Result areas
  • Customer ratings / NPS
  • User acquisition, CPA, depth / width of usage and other relevant engagement metrics
  • Performance metrics – e.g. response times, success rates, etc.
  • Share of traffic – what % of successful data fetches through the AA ecosystem are served by Perfios AA
Scope for progression and promotion
  • The AA ecosystem is poised to become the UPI of data. A successful PM can expand her role scope and impact as the industry grows.
  • Alternately, Perfios welcomes internal transfers subject to role availability and candidate suitability

Qualifications and Education Requirements (Examples Below)

  • Vital : 8-10 years of experience in conceptualizing, launching, scaling B2C technology products
  • Essential : Domain experience in relevant verticals – e.g. e-commerce, payments, fintech
  • Desirable : Advanced UX and design skills

Preferred Skills (Examples Below)

  • A Startup mentality : comfort with ambiguity, a willingness to test, learn and improve rapidly
  • People leadership : influencing without authority with internal stakeholders
  • External facing skills : Influencing and negotiating with industry bodies, thought leaders, regulators, etc.
To understand how you can leverage the NBFC-AA framework with minimum tech / operational effort, get in touch with us!
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